Why Purchase a Mazda?

Why should you be looking into purchasing a Mazda? 

If you're someone that cares about safety, the economy, and the environment, joining the Mazda family is something you should definitely consider! Mazda has introduced new innovative technology, an unlimited mileage warranty, luxurious designs, as well as green initiatives.

Mazda has launched innovative SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY creates the feeling of being one with your car. This technology will save you money at the pumps, create lower emissions and make sure you and your passenger are safe. Every new vehicle has i-ACTIVESENSE. i-ACTIVESENSE works by sensing your surroundings and notifying you if there are safety concerns such as; a vehicle or pedestrian too close or even if there is someone in your blind spot. These features will stop collisions, or reduce the severity of them. 

With the new unlimited mileage warranty (2015 and newer) perk, it allows you to focus on the road. This allows the consumer to feel safe driving wherever they are. The warranty includes 3 years of roadside assistance, 5 years of Powertrain, and 7 years of anti-perforation warranties. Mazda holds themselves accountable for the first few years of your vehicles life so you don't have to! You can enjoy all the other features your new Mazda has and the new adventures ahead without a worry.

While Mazda has all this new innovative technology keeping you safe and their warranty perks, they have also considered design. Mazda's new design puts them in a whole new league among the other car dealerships. With their new designs, they have set them apart from what other competitors have to offer. They've given you more leg room, a compact "cockpit" to make driving comfortable and safe. Climate is also something to consider. In Canada, we go through different seasons but Mazda has that covered with their aerodynamic designs so you can safely drive in the constantly changing climate.

Maple Mazda has leveraged themselves into the top 3 Mazda dealerships in Canada. When considering buying a Mazda, new or old, Maple Mazda is the place to be. In just a short amount of time, they've had success including a rating of 4.4/5. Their customer service and quirkiness makes the buying process human and comfortable.



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