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Mazda CX-5 Hybrid: It's Coming


 mazda  c x 5 2024

The Mazda CX-5 remains the brand's most popular model by a significant margin. This is why it continues to be part of the Japanese automaker's lineup even as new generation models have nearly replaced the brand's other SUVs.

It's no surprise, then, that the CX-5 continues to receive new updates year after year. The Japanese manufacturer's SUV will even get a hybrid version.

The Next Generation

Mazda has confirmed that the CX-5 will soon be equipped with a hybrid powertrain. However, this new feature will be introduced with the next generation of the model, which is expected to be unveiled soon. The only small caveat is that the Japanese manufacturer has not yet confirmed the model's arrival in North America. Nonetheless, given the model's great popularity on the new continent, it is very likely that the new generation CX-5 will be offered here.

A Competitive Segment

It's no secret that competition is particularly fierce in the compact SUV segment. Mazda has always succeeded by doing things its own way, and the sales figures prove it. However, the Japanese automaker seems to want to become more competitive, which is why the next generation of the CX-5 should feature a hybrid powertrain. Most of the compact SUVs currently available on the market offer either a hybrid version or a plug-in hybrid version, and in many cases, both versions are available.

As for the CX-5, the details are not yet known, but it seems likely that it will first feature a conventional hybrid powertrain. However, the arrival of a plug-in hybrid version should not be ruled out, as this is a system already found in the Japanese manufacturer's lineup, notably with the CX-90.

The new generation of the CX-5 is expected to be unveiled later this year and will arrive on the market as a 2025 model. We should learn more in the coming weeks. As if that weren't enough, Mazda took the opportunity to announce the eventual launch of a new 100% electric model. This model is expected to be fully unveiled in 2027 and then hit the market in 2028.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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