New Car Buying Tips

How To Buy A New Car

Purchasing a new vehicle can be exciting but also overwhelming for some. It is important to ask yourself a few key questions before deciding which manufacturer and model is right for you.

Driving Habits

Are you consistently on the road or an occasional driver? Do you drive long distances? This is important when sourcing a reliable vehicle with warranty coverage. Mazda has a fantastic Unlimited Warranty to take some of your concerns away. This Unlimited Mileage Warranty program for our 3 year new vehicle purchases is equipped with a 3 year Roadside Assistance Program, 5 Year Powertrain and a 7 year Anti-Perforation Warranty so you can enjoy your vehicle to the fullest and not be concerned about going over your mileage.

Safety and Reliability

Regardless of the amount of time you spend in your vehicle, you need it to be as safe as possible! You can check the box in this category with Mazda’s i-ACTIV AWD. This is a new innovation which allows you to maintain full control through all road and weather conditions to help you and the passengers you love stay safe. The i-ACTIV SENSE system will also alert you of your vehicles surrounding area and help you recognize hazards, both innovations will keep you protected.

Lifestyle Requirements

Assessing your everyday needs is key in determining the size of vehicle you need to help you navigate your daily tasks. Do you need room for car seats or boosters? Do your children play sports with equipment or are you downsizing as your family grows up and moves out? We are always available at Maple Mazda to assist you with these concerns. We encourage test drives and are very accommodating if you wish to bring your equipment with you along on test drives to make sure all of your gear will fit while still being comfortable.

National Promotions

Every month Mazda Canada releases programs and incentives. Programs will change month to month and we are not privy to what incentives are coming. At Maple Mazda we will always do our best to offer you the best programs and incentives possible. Programs change on a monthly basis and that could mean an even better deal for you if you are shopping! Our product specialists are the best people to speak with for information and updates on these special programs and incentives.