Mazda Connect

Stay Connected While Driving With Mazda Connect

Whether you're looking for a boost of entertainment, driving safety, or a combination to make your driving experience better, you should consider looking into Mazda Connect. As the name suggests, this is an incredible technology that contains features to solve the most common driving problems and inconveniences. There's so much to enjoy with this technology, from improved navigation, better communication, and modern entertainment features to smartphone integration for easier communication.

What Is Mazda Connect?

Mazda Connect is a service that provides Mazda Owners convenience, safety, and comfort through high-tech driver-centric connectivity and infotainment features. This service can improve how you communicate or access information, entertain yourself as well as how you navigate and control your vehicle's critical functions, such as door locks, wipers, and lights. Generally, it makes all the functions you often access while driving simpler and hands-free, helping you keep your attention on the road by reducing your chances of getting distracted while driving.

Information & Entertainment 

Mazda Connect - Infotainment

If you are the type of person who doesn't like missing out on essential developments around you, this technology will significantly benefit you. Mazda Connect is user-friendly, making it intuitive to operate the entertainment and information features and functions. This function means that when you want to access a specific entertainment or communication feature, you don't need to use a touchscreen, as it can easily distract you from the road.

Instead, it has a "commander" control interface that allows you to control the functions inside your car without taking your focus off the road. There are knobs and buttons strategically placed within your reach and a wide widescreen display to allow you to operate infotainment features and functions easily and quickly. So, whether you want to enjoy sports, news, music, podcasts, or other entertainment features, all you need is to follow the prompts provided on display to access any entertainment program you desire.

Smartphone Integration

Mazda Connect - Smartphone Integration

Another feature Mazda owners love about this system is its smartphone integration ability. For instance, if your vehicle has the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay feature, you can connect it to Mazda Connect through Bluetooth or USB. When you do so, your car's vehicle will immediately mirror your phone's display, enabling you to communicate better with other people by making and receiving calls and texts more conveniently. With this feature, Mazda connect allows you to stay connected with the outside world on your commute without distracted driving.


Mazda Connect - Navigation

Have you been having trouble reaching your destinations? If so, the navigation system embedded in this revolutionary system would help you. Mazda Connect navigation system has been put in place to help drivers like you find and get to their destinations quickly. You can control the system's functions using voice-recognition technology adds to each trip's safety.


Mazda Connect - Settings

All you need to get started is fine-tune the options and settings to suit your unique preferences and needs and guarantee yourself maximum comfort and convenience. Some features you can tweak include sound settings, screen settings, and vehicle functions.

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