Mazda Appearance Protection Program

Interior and exterior protection for your Mazda, that is fully backed by Mazda Canada. If you want more coverage when purchasing your Mazda, we strongly suggest the Mazda Appearance Protection Program. It provides you with peace of mind knowing that if a part needs replacing, or damage is done to your vehicle, we will take care of you.

What comes included in this protection program?

Key and Keyless Remote Replacement- lost, stolen or damaged keys and remotes will be replaced. *savings of $300

Minor Dent Repair- While maintaining the beautiful finishes of your Mazda, we will repair any minor dents. *savings of $200

An upgrade for Paint Repair is optional to receive coverage for non collision related damages. 


Front Windshield Repair-  Sometimes, a rock chip happens on your windshield. We will improve visibility, which increases safety, by repairing the damage. Up-gradable to a full windshield replacement. *savings of $600

Tire, Wheel and Curb Scruff Repair- Any damage will be repaired that was caused by road hazards, or routine parking. Up-gradable in case the damage is not repairable, a wheel or tire will be replaced.  *savings of $150-$600

Towing and Flat Tire Assistance- if you get a flat tire, no need to worry. We will reimburse the cost up to $100 per occurrence.  *on eligible plans*

Car Rental Benefit- In case you ever need a rental car, we will  reimburse you if you have the eligible plan.