Mazda Added Protection

Driving Your Mazda Made Easy

Maple Mazda provides drivers with the option of upgrading their standard 3 year Unlimited Mazda Coverage with purchasing extra Mazda Added Protection (MAP) extended warranty - adding that piece of mind coverage to cover unexpected repair costs.  MAP supplements your specified new vehicle warranty for up to 7 years or 200,000 kms.  Driving and enjoying your Mazda is what matters, without the headache of unexpected repairs.

Highlights Offered

  • 350+ components covered
  • $0 deductibles
  • You are protected from unexpected repair costs after your standard new warranty has expired
  • If your Mazda vehicle is off the road for a MAP covered repair for more than 24 hours, a rental vehicle is provided for up to 10 days
  • All new vehicle plans include Roadside Assistance, Tire Road Hazard Coverage and OEM Collision Part GAP Coverage for your added peace of mind
  • Factory trained technicians using Genuine Mazda Parts to service your Mazda

Options of Coverage That is Right For You

Mazda Added Protection offers a selection of coverage options to suit you.

Components Covered

MAP covers 350 plus components and plans range from 48 months with unlimited mileage up to 7 years or 200,000 km.

No Deductible

All MAP new vehicle plans have $0 deductible.

Rental Vehicle Reimbursement

If your vehicle is in for a covered repair for 24 hours or longer, you will be eligible for a rental vehicle worth up to $35/day for up to 10 days.

Roadside Assistance

When your purchase MAP you automatically receive Roadside Assistance for the duration of your coverage including;

  • Towing
  • Lock out service
  • Tire service
  • Out of fuel
  • Battery boost
  • Winching
  • Emergency travel expense reimbursement
  • Travel planning

Tire Road Hazard Coverage

Every Mazda Added Protection includes no charge tire road hazard protection on original tires as well as replacement and winter tires purchased at a Mazda dealership.

Collision Part Gap Coverage OEM

Under the MAP coverage your parts are replaced after a collision with Genuine Mazda Parts.  This ensures that aftermarket low cost parts are not used.  Your vehicle is returned to like new condition.

We want every Mazda owner to have a positive driving experience. We want you to have a peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel of the vehicle- which is why we offer Mazda Added Protection. For more information on the 350+ components that would be eligible for coverage, see below!

  • Internal Components, seals, and gaskets
  • Crankshaft & crankshaft pulley
  • Timing chain & Sprocket
  • Chain adjuster assembly
  • Cylinder head and cylinder head assembly
  • Intake & exhaust valves & guides
  • Camshaft
  • Cylinder block
  • Main bearing
  • Connecting rod & bearing
  • Pistons & rings
  • Balance shaft
  • Engine mount
  • Front cover
  • Oil pump assembly
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil pan
  • Oil filer cap
  • Oil level gauge
  • Water pump assembly
  • Thermostat & cover
  • Radiator
  • Cooling fan assembly
  • Radiator cap
  • Cooling fan control unit
  • Cooling fan relay
  • Powertrain control module
  • Intake manifold
  • Throttle body
  • Turbocharger assembly
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Fuel pump & Fuel pump module
  • Fuel injectors
  • Fuel pump relay – FP module
  • Solenoid valve assembly
  • EGR valve
  • Purge solenoid valve
  • Main relay
  • Volume/mass air flow sensor
  • Crankshaft position sensor
  • Engine coolant temperature sensor
  • Cylinder head temperature sensor
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Knock sensor
  • Variable Valve Timing motor
  • Camshaft position sensor
  • Fuel tank pressure sensor
  • Caliper assembly
  • Brake pedal
  • Brake switch
  • Master cylinder assembly
  • Power brake unit
  • ABS sensor (front & rear)
  • ABS hydraulic unit
  • Yaw rate sensor or combined sensor
  • Parking brake lever or pedal assembly
  • Parking brake cable (front & rear)
  • Parking brake switch
  • Parking brake motor
  • Coil spring
  • Mount block
  • Upper arm shaft
  • Upper & lower control arm with ball joints
  • Lower arm bushing
  • Stabilizer bar
  • Stabilizer control bolt (control link) and/or rubber bushing
  • Trailing link
  • Lateral link (rear)
  • Stabilizer control link (control rod)
  • Ignition coil
  • Alternator
  • Voltage regulator
  • Alternator drive belt tensioner
  • Starter
  • Flywheel assembly
  • Pilot bearing
  • Clutch cover
  • Clutch release fork
  • Clutch master cylinder
  • Clutch release cylinder
  • Clutch pedal
  • Clutch switch
  • Seals & gaskets
  • Front & rear drive shaft
  • Inner & outer joint set (front)
  • Joint shaft
  • Front wheel bearing
  • Front & rear wheel hub
  • Rear axle bearing
  • Differential assembly
  • Internal components, seals & gaskets
  • Transmission case
  • Clutch housing
  • Transmission rear cover
  • Shift fork & rod
  • Control cables
  • Propeller shaft assembly
  • Climate control system
  • Fan switch
  • Solar radiation sensor
  • Passenger compartment temperature sensor
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Blower unit
  • Temperature actuator
  • Heater core
  • Compressor assembly
  • Magnet clutch assembly
  • Air conditioning relay
  • Thermostat (frost switch)
  • Evaporator coil
  • Expansion valve
  • Pressure switch
  • Air conditioning pipe
  • Condenser
  • Receiver/drier
  • Lock set
  • Trunk lid hinge
  • Hood lock
  • Trunk lid opener
  • Trunk lid stay dumper
  • Front & rear seat assembly
  • Front seat adjuster
  • Front seat belt (retractor & buckle)
  • Rear seat belt
  • Power seat motor & switch
  • Door hinge
  • Door lock switch
  • Power mirrors
  • Power door lock motor
  • Door weatherstrip
  • Keyless entry system
  • Sunroof frame
  • Sunroof motor
  • Sunroof weatherstrip
  • Sunroof switch and/or tilt switch
  • Front washer tank and/or motor
  • Front & rear washer nozzle
  • Front & rear wiper link and/or frame
  • Front & rear wiper motor
  • Front & rear wiper arms
  • Wiper switch
  • Rain sensor
  • Air bag module
  • Air bag sensor
  • Air bag control unit
  • Clock spring
  • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) control module & sensor
  • Internal components, seals & gaskets
  • Transmission case
  • Oil pan
  • Oil pump assembly
  • Torque converter
  • Control valve body assembly
  • Oil cooler
  • Input speed sensor (pulse generator)
  • Turbine speed sensor (pulse generator)
  • Transmission control module (EC-AT)
  • Transmission range switch
  • Output speed sensor (pulse generator)
  • Transmission fluid temperature sensor
  • Hydraulic pressure control solenoid valve
  • AWD (4WD) control module
  • Transfer case & internal components
  • Transfer case seals & gaskets
  • Steering shaft & gear
  • Rack
  • Steering pressure switch
  • Electronic controlled power
  • Steering control unit
  • Power steering oil pump
  • Power steering electric motor
  • Return pipe
  • Engine harness
  • Interior lamp harness
  • Front & rear door harness
  • Emission harness

Auto cruise control system

Fuse block or passenger junction box

Body control module (BCM)

Ignition switch

Forward sensing camera

Combination switch

Hazard switch

Rear view camera

360 view camera

Power window switch

Remote control mirror switch

Seat warmer switch

Headlight levelling system

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

Meter unit (with speedometer/tachometer)

Auto cruise control switch

Theft-deterrent control system

Horn & relay

Heated steering wheel


Audio set


Antenna feeder



Information display

SiriusXM® Satellite Radio antenna

SiriusXM® Satellite Radio unit

Navigation system

Hands-free telephone (HF/TEL) unit or Bluetooth® unit

Daytime running light (DRL) control unit

Mazda Added Protection also includes the following coverage:


You will be eligible for a rental vehicle worth up to $35/day for up to 10 days.


OEM Collision Part GAP coverage: Mazda Canada will cover the difference between an aftermarket part and an OEM part for your added peace of mind.


Every Mazda Added Protection Plan includes no charge tire road hazard protection:
- up to 5 year, 100,000 km coverage
- No pro-rata for initial 2 years or 40,000 km
- Tire repairs during the life of contract or up to 5 years, 100,000 km

*see us for details