Lease Return Centre at Maple Mazda In Maple, ON

If you choose to return your Mazda to Maple Mazda there are some simple steps to follow.

  • Contact Patrick Maguire
  • Patrick will arrange a date and time with you to return your vehicle.
  • Using the Mazda guide he will assist you in determining the value of your vehicle prior to your end of lease inspection.

Returning Your Leased Vehicle

As your Mazda car lease comes to an end, there are a few things you can expect. When it comes to car leasing, you have three options at the end of your lease: keep it, return it, or trade-in your leased vehicle for another one. If you've decided to return your lease vehicle, our Lease Return Centre at Maple Mazda in Maple, Ontario, will assist you with the next steps.

What If My Lease Vehicle Has Damages?

Before you return your vehicle, its overall condition will be evaluated. Whether you are from Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, or North York, our Service Centre is available to help prepare your vehicle for return. We will help you make any necessary repairs to your vehicle to help reduce wear and tear charges. This includes repairs covered by your insurance. Whether it's a routine procedure like changing seasonal tires or a bigger issue, we can get it sorted out for you. This will get your vehicle ready for the end-of-lease assessment.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Return

The next step would be to gather your personal items from the car and wipe your information from the software or navigation system. Make sure you have anything that came with the car, such as the original keys/key fob, user manuals, floor mats, tires, and wheel rims. You should also have copies of invoices and maintenance records on hand.

Lease or Finance Another Mazda

When you've successfully returned your leased vehicle, you can lease or finance another Mazda vehicle. Leasing allows you the flexibility of driving newer cars more often and enjoying a new Mazda experience. You should also consider the option of purchasing a vehicle from Maple Mazda's new inventory for complete ownership of your car. For a more affordable alternative to owning a new vehicle, finance a certified pre-owned Mazda from our used inventory today!

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