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Please contact Maple Mazda to arrange a date and time to return your vehicle. Using our Wear and Tear Guide will help you evaluate the condition of your vehicle prior to inspection.

> Lease End Inspection

Within 45 days of your lease end, a third-party inspection company will contact you to arrange an inspection of your vehicle. The inspection will be performed at no cost to you. Within 48 hours of the inspection, a detailed condition report will be available online, outlining the condition of your vehicle.

> Repairs

Should your vehicle need repairs, contact our service department at 905.832.1556 and we can assist you in the process. If you choose to have your vehicle repaired elsewhere, a second inspection will be required at your expense.

> Mazda Appearance Protection

If you have purchased a Mazda Appearance Protection, this process has been simplified for you. To be eligible to receive full benefits under Mazda Appearance Protection, we recommend you contact us within 30 days to arrange a preliminary Visual inspection. At this time, any wear and tear conditions that are covered can be corrected prior to final inspection.

> Returning Your Vehicle

When returning your vehicle, please ensure you've collected both sets of keys, the owner's manual, and any vehicle accessories that originally came with your vehicle. After that,

the final step will be signing the Vehicle History Disclosure Statement and the Vehicle Return Receipt.

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