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Exclusive Summer Bonus Event

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The all-new 5 passenger mild hybrid CX-70 and all-new 7 passenger mild hybrid CX-90 are now in the showroom and available. Crafted to elevate every moment you share, both of these SUV's combine design, technology, and functionality to deliver a truly exhilarating experience. Join us on June 17-22, 2024 (Mon-Sat).

if you currently own a Mazda you will be eligible for an additional 1% Rate Reduction PLUS $500 Bonus Dollars.

- $500 Maple Mazda Bonus Dollars can be applied as a direct discount or towards products in the business office.

Additionally, all trades will receive $1000 Bonus Trade In Dollars, PLUS, all new Mazda vehicles sold during this event will receive Unlimited Mazda Warranty!*


  CX-70 MHEV                                                                                  CX-90 MHEV

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  CX-5                                                                                                  CX-50                           

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