• Should I Lease or Finance My Mazda

Maple Mazda is proud to be a top provider of Mazda vehicles and automotive services in Maple, Ontario. We strive to ensure you are well-informed of all your options regarding purchasing a car. Because a car purchase is a significant undertaking, understanding all the options available helps you find the right one for you.

  • Car Leasing vs Financing: How It Affects Your Insurance

Insurance plays a major role in driving or owning a car. Different car models have different insurance rates, and the costs can quickly add up when you factor in monthly auto financing or leasing payments. While your insurance rate is affected by several factors like your driving history, driving routine, driving location, and how long you’ve driven, it is surprisingly unaffected by whether you lease or finance a car.

  • Is Financing Better for Me?

Financing allows you to own your vehicle. That means you don’t have restrictions regarding the mileage or other customizations you would like to do. If your goal is to own a car for a long time, drive it often and unpredictably, or modify it however you like, then financing will be best for you.

  • Is Leasing Better for Me?

Leasing is best if you want to experience a new car every two to three years. When you choose to lease a car, you get to enjoy the latest updates to the technology and safety features. You’ll also benefit from a warranty and not have to worry about maintenance costs.

  • Finance vs Leasing: Cost Comparison

Whether you choose to lease or finance greatly depends on your lifestyle and goals. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective choice in the short term, leasing provides you with lower monthly payments. In comparison, financing is a better choice cost-wise over the long term. If cost is your priority rather than driving a new car every few years, then choose to finance. Our Finance Centre will get you started on your purchase of an affordable new car with our competitive financing rates.

Purchase a Mazda Today

Whether you choose to lease or finance, our Mazda vehicles make for an excellent choice. You can rely on a Mazda to provide you with an exceptional driving experience and last for a long time. Trade-in your old car at Maple Mazda and use its value to lower your monthly auto payments. For more information on our leasing and financing process, contact us today!

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