2019 Mazda3

We have finally received the Mazda3 here at Maple Mazda and it is all new! The most exciting feature in our opinion, is for the first time ever Mazda3 will be available in AWD!

The brand new 2019 Mazda3 is what everyone is talking about, and we are too at Maple Mazda. With brand new Sky-Active technology, AWD, and the quietest cabin experience yet it's the best sedan for a driver in the GTA.

Highway driving, and commuting can be a pain, so having everything you want at your finger tips makes a difference. The new entertainment system that include Android Auto and Apply Car Play you will have access to your favorite music, podcast, and more and hear them with a concert hall experience.

Developed with Bose, the speakers have been strategically place to make sure you enjoy every single part of your ride. If you prefer a quieter ride, the new cabin has been designed to remove outside noise, and provide a place of peace and quiet.

For the first time ever the Mazda3 comes with an option of i-activ all wheel drive (available April 2019) with 27 sensors engaging and predicting the road conditions to adjust for your safety. It doesn't stop there, it makes changes quickly and as needed to adjust to each tire to be sure you are getting the grip you need to stay safe, and continue your smooth drive.

Not only does the Mazda3 come with all these new features but it still backed by our 3 year unlimited mileage warranty which means you get to buy with the piece of mind that you vehicle will always be taken care. At Maple Mazda we want to go above and beyond, so when you visit us at 110 Autovaughan Drive, in Vaughan in our customer lounge you are treated to free wifi, shuttle service, free coffee and water!